— August 8, 2017

Royal Oak, MI Psychologist Explains Why Even Grown Men Need Therapy

Just like women, men face problems that are unique to their gender. Unfortunately, men rarely discuss these problems with others because society

— June 20, 2017

Royal Oak Psychologist Asks—Are You in Need of Addiction Counseling?

Losing a loved one is one of the biggest challenges that people face. When a person loses a family member or close friend, the feeling of grief can be particularly overpowering, leading to prolonged…

— April 4, 2017

Royal Oak, MI Psychologist Discusses Substance Abuse in Older People

Substance abuse problems have a terrible impact not only on the person, but to people around him as well. That said, substance abuse is often an unrecognized problem

— March 10, 2017

A Psychologist can Guide You in the Path of Recovering from Trauma

A psychologist understands the need to develop personalized treatment programs for people who suffer from trauma to ensure their full recovery. This is because no two people will experience a…

— December 28, 2016

Don't Suffer from PTSD Alone; Find a Psychologist to Help You Heal

It’s a fact that 8% of Americans, or 24.4 million people, suffer from post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) at any given time.